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How To Get AdSense Account Approved

Before going to apply for AdSense you must have to know a little bit things about AdSense. AdSense is an advertising program of Google and it is the worlds largest ads network which works Pay Per Click system. AdSense displays relevant adds with publishers online contents and  help publishers to earn money from their online contents. Advertisers pay to Google for advertising their products and Google pay to publishers for publishing the advertisements on their blogs or websites. AdSense was first introduced in 2003 and when it was only available for online contents. But now a days it is available for all platform. It is available for Content, Feeds, Search, Mobile Content, Domains and Video.

Why AdSense?

AdSense is the most popular choice of every blogger to earn money from their online contents. Although there are many add networks then why it is popular among all bloggers and webmasters? I think there is only one reason and it could be its paying rates. Paying rates of AdSense is muc…

How To Get Google Plus Custom URL Address

First you have to know what custom URL? An URL is an acronym of Uniform Resource Locator. And a custom URL is a short web address of your profile or page which is easy to remember. This new feature of Google + help Google + users to get a custom profile or page URL  address. This feature gives relief to Google + users to remembering their profile or page URL address. Now with the help of custom URL address any one can easily remember their profile or page address. This facility gives more flexibility to Google + users.

Before getting my custom URL address for my Google + page my URL address was Is it possible anyone to remember this? I think no. Lets discuss what are requirements to get a custom Google + URL.
There are some requirements to get a custom URL address for your profile or page. According to Google support your profile must be in good standing and must meet the below requirements. Y…

How To Earn Money From Internet Without Any Investment

All of us want to earn some extra cash during our leisure time. But how many can earn? Very less. Because of proper knowledge. Many of us don't know where and and how to earn some extra bucks. But when it comes to earn from internet. Many of us ask me how? Can it be possible to earn money from internet? Of course any one can earn from internet.

Today's all the world concentrate on internet. User of internet is increasing day by day. No one knows where it stops. Many of us always search how to earn money from internet. But how many gets success? Very less.

There are many process to earn money from internet. But it is very difficult to find out which one is reliable. In many times what happens, when you have completed your work for a site or a company you never get paid. You were cheated. Your all hard works went in smoke. So first you need to find out the right one. You May Like : Neobux : The Best Online Money Making Site

Before going to the main point I want to share my exper…

Google Chrome Latest Version

Google chrome is the most preferable default browser for everyone. Not because it is a Google product. Just because of its speed, security loop and much more. Google always concern more about the security loops and new bugs. And the new browser stands along with all desired hopes.

Now a days browsers are updated very quickly. And we are lucky to get free. Finally, Google released its latest  31 version of Chrome browser. The latest chrome browser comes with lots of new features and new security loops. The new chrome browser is faster than previous version, stable and most important thing it is available for all platform Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

In the latest chrome version Google has added some new features which was not available in the earlier version. One of is called "Web Payment". With the help of Web Payment features browser will automatically fill the payment form from information that has been saved into the browser already. In the new version, web dev…

How To Create Multiple Twitter Accounts With A Single Email Address

Can you run multiple Twitter accounts with single email? If no, then you must feel boar to control all your email address keep alive. Could you ever think that how could you control all your Twitter account with a single email address? If you had never thought then its time to think. From the point of Twitter view, it does not allow users to create multiple Twitter account with the same email address.

Although twitter does not allow to create multiple account with same email address but there is a trick which can delude Twitter and  hep you to create multiple Twitter accounts with your single email address. The trick is nothing. Just you have to know the nature of your email address & Twitter.

Nature of Gmail

You can't create multiple Twitter accounts rather than Gmail id. Only Gmail allows you to create multiple Twitter accounts. Because the nature of Gmail is different from other email addresses. Gmail does not care about symbols like dot (.) or plus (+). No matter where you …

Sachin Tendulkar The Legend Of The World Cricket

Sachin Tendulkar, Master Blaster, Little Master and so and so. For whom name is sufficient. Master of many world record ended his record breaking 24 years career in International cricket infront of fans at the Mumbai's Wankhede stadium on Saturday where India beats West Indies an innings and 125 runs. It is a great farewell for Sachin from Indian cricket team. Although this is his last cricket he played brilliant cricket and scores memorable 74 runs.

The legend, history maker finally departed from the International Cricket. He is always remembered for his on and off field performance. He is the highest run scorer both in One Day Cricket and Test Cricket. He has created many world records which may be difficult to break for others although records are created for breaking. 
Many legends come and many legends went. But no one played consistently like Sachin. Sachin, the Legend of contemporary cricket plays consistently 24 years in the world cricket. He is always remembered for his i…