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How To Change Font Style of Your Blog's Post Title

In my earlier post how to change font style of your blog's title, I saw you how to change font style of your blog's tile in Awesome Inc template. Blogger's Template Designer allows you to customize your blog's appearance through the use of Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) or editing the html codes of your templates.  You can customize your blog's appearance almost any aspect of according to you.

You can change the font style, font color, widget and many thing. If you have a little bit knowledge of html you can do lots more with your blog. You can change font style of your blog title, font color, font shadow, font description, post title, adjust widths.

Important Note:- Before doing customization of your blogger's default template, take Back-up of your template and your blog's data so that if you make any major mistake, you can easily restore your original template as well as your blog's data.

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Using HTML Code

To change the font style of your blog using html then login to your blog and select Template and then click Edit HTML. After that press Ctrl+F to search "post.title.font". You will find html code like this

<Group description="Post Title" selector=", h4, a"> 
<Variable name="post.title.font" description="Font" type="font"  default="normal bold 22px Arial, Tahoma, Helvetica, FreeSans, sans-serif" value="normal bold 22px Arial, Tahoma, Helvetica, FreeSans, sans-serif"/>     
<Variable name="post.title.text.color" description="Text Color" type="color" default="$(body.text.color)" value="$(body.text.color)"/>   

Here you will need to replace font Arial with your desired font style (for example Calibri, Cambria, Forte, Elephant, Times New Roman etc.) and then click Save template to save your changes. See the below image.

Using Blogger Template Designer

This is most popular method among bloggers those have no knowledge of programming language like HTML. This method does not require any programming language knowledge. This method help you to change the style of your blog's post  title directly from Blogger Template Designer. To change the font style of your blog's post title first login to your blog and then select Template. After that click Customize to customize your template.

Here you will need to click Advanced. You will see various options like Blog Title, Blog Description, Post Tile and many more. Select Post Title and select the desired font and color among the list and then click Apply to Blog located extremely to of right corner. Don't forget to click Apply to Blog to apply your changes to your blog.