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How To Disable Right Click Of Website / Blog Image

Blogger has amazing feature to customize your blogger's default templates according to ourselves. If you have a little bit knowledge of html programming then you can easily customize your blog according to you.  By editing blogger template, you can everything with your blog. You can redesign and give attractive looks to your blog also.

When you write something for your blog, many of you designed images for your blog also. If you want to protect your image or if you wish to do not allow others to save your image directly from webpage, you can simply disable right click on your image. 

Here, I will show you how to disable right click on an image on blogger. After disabling right click, right click button of the mouse won't work on that particular image. In this way you protect your image from direct copying. 
For disabling right click no need to add a java script in your template. There is an attribute of image which help you to disable right click on an image. Many of you know t…

How To Add A Gadget / Widget Inside Blogger Header Section

Many websites or blogs display AdSense add or other add on their header section. It helps you to use that particular free space of the header section. Many websites have most popular AdSense add (460 x 60) format in this space. Unfortunately, blogger's default template doesn't have two Add a Gadget in the header section. But it has only in the footer section. If you want to display AdSense ad, Search box or social media sharing button then you need to customize your default blogger template in such a way that you will divide the header section to get two Add a Gadget in your header. Read also How to delete locked widget

This is the hottest area of your blog where you need to concentrate a lot. If you wish you can sell your space also. It brings you some extra cash in your pocket.

Important Note:- Before doing customization of your blogger's default template, take Back-up of your template and your blog's data so that if you make any major mistake, you can easily restore …

How To Remove Menu Bars Background Colour of Blogger

Editing and creating template is also a fun. If you wish to change the blogger's default template then you need to upload your own template or you need to customize blogger's template according to yourself. In this tutorial, I will show you how to remove the background colour of menu bar of blogger's Awesome Inc. template. The below image is my template's menu bar. Here, I will remove the background colour of the menu bar. To remove the background colour of this tabs, you need to follow the below steps.

Warning! Before doing customization of your blogger's default template, take Back-up of your template and your blog's data so that if you make any major mistake, you can easily restore your original template as well as your blog's data.

Note : How To Download Blogger Template

Note : How To Download Blogger Data

Step 1. First, you need to login to your blogger account.
Step 2. If you have multiple blogs, then select the desired blog.
Step 3. Click Templates

How To Create 3D Text In Adobe Photoshop

First of all, you have to know what is 3D? 3D stands for 3 dimensional and is mostly used in graphics designing. 3D graphics that is designed with the help of computer using photo editing software. Adobe Photoshop is most widely used software to create 3D text / image. To generate a 3D image you need to have a computer loaded with operating system and photo editing software (Adobe Photoshop).

Here, I am going to teach you, how to create a 3D image using Adobe Photoshop. The below image is a normal image. I will create this image as a 3D image using adobe Photoshop. You just need to follow the step by step process to create your own 3D image. Let's go!
Step 1. Open Adobe Photoshop in your pc. Step 2. Either press Ctrl + O on the keyboard or click File > Open to open your existing image into Adobe Photoshop. Step 3. Now you need to create a duplicate layer. To create a duplicate layer either press Ctrl + J on the keyboard or Click Layer  >  Duplicate Layer. After that you will a…

How To Park Your Unused Domain Names For Sale

Many of us has habit of collecting attractive domain names. Although they have never used that domains. Don't waste your unused domains. You can earn some handsome cash by selling your unused domains. In some cases a domain can be sold from a few hundred dollars to thousands dollars. If your domain name is unique you will earn thousands of dollars.

Have you ever heard IG.COM, KK.COM, 114.COM, FIX.COM ? Do you imagine at what price these domains were sold? Many of us never heard these names and never heard the story of sold price of these domain names.
IG.COM was sold at Igloo / NetNames for $4,700,000 on 9/11/2013. was sold at $450,000 via Here is the list of top 100 domain names sold on various auctions published by DN Journals. This list realize you to sell your unused domains. Before proceed to sell your domain, you must have to remember some following points.
First, to sell your domain name you must have to set affordable price for your domain. Many sellers f…