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How To Remove Menu Bars Background Colour of Blogger

Editing and creating template is also a fun. If you wish to change the blogger's default template then you need to upload your own template or you need to customize blogger's template according to yourself. In this tutorial, I will show you how to remove the background colour of menu bar of blogger's Awesome Inc. template. The below image is my template's menu bar. Here, I will remove the background colour of the menu bar. To remove the background colour of this tabs, you need to follow the below steps.

Warning! Before doing customization of your blogger's default template, take Back-up of your template and your blog's data so that if you make any major mistake, you can easily restore your original template as well as your blog's data.
Step 1. First, you need to login to your blogger account.
Step 2. If you have multiple blogs, then select the desired blog.
Step 3. Click Templates
Step 4. Click Edit HTML. See the below image.
Step 5. Once you click Edit HTML, you will able to see the codes of your blog's template.

Step 6. Press Ctrl + F on the keyboard to search a particular term.

Step 7. Type /* Tabs and press Enter on the keyboard to search this particular terms.
Step 8. You will see background: $(tabs.background.color) $(tabs.background.gradient) repeat scroll 0 0;

Step 9. Select this line background: $(tabs.background.color) $(tabs.background.gradient) repeat scroll 0 0 

Step 10. Now press Delete key on your keyboard.
Step 11. Now click Save Template to save the template. See the below image.

See the difference between first image and the last image of this post. First image is a tabs menu with background colour and last image is also a tabs menu without background ground colour. If you have your tabs menu with background colour then you can try this tutorial to your blogger template to remove the background colour.
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  1. Thank worked just fine! :)

  2. I want to remove the rectangular shape of tab and only keep the text with background colour. How to do this ?


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