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Holi : The Festival Of Colors

Although Holi will celebrated on 17 March, 2014 across India, Nepal and some other parts of the world, junoon (insanity) of holi has started already among the people. People has started buying colors, pichkary (water guns), water-filled balloons and colorful bombs

Since this is the time to celebrate holi, I want to share a little bit things about holi. Holi is an ancient religious spring festival celebrated by Hindus. It is primarily celebrated in India, Nepal and some other countries where people following Hinduism. In recent times, Holi has become popular among  non Hindus and spread in South Asia, Europe and North America as a spring celebration of love, unity, brotherhood and colors.

Holi is celebrated at the end of the winter season on the last full moon day of the lunar month Phalgun which usually falls in the month of March or sometimes in late February. Holi is also a Carnival of ColorsThe festival Holi is called Festival of Colors also due to the use of various colors. Sometimes holi is also called Festival of Love. The festival holi is also regarded as the colors of unity and brotherhood. The festival holi teaches us to forget all the differences, end conflicts and accumulated emotional impurities from past and renew our ruptured relationship.  

Holi celebrations start with a Holika bonfire on the night before Holi where young people gather, sing and dance. And on the next morning carnival of colors begins. People from all generations play, chases and colors each other with dry color powder and colored water while some carrying water guns and colored water filled balloons for their water fight. The frolic and fight with colors occurs everywhere. In some places like Mathura, Noth India this festival last more than a week.

Holi is also associated with the Puranic story of Holika and the word Holi originated from Holika. According to the Puran, Holika was the sister of demon king Hiranyakashipu. The demon king Hiranyakashipu had earned a boon that he was not killed by neither human nor animal, neither in day nor at night, neither inside nor outside of a house, neither in the sky nor on the earth, neither astra (weapon) nor shastra.

This boon made him virtually indestructible and this special powers blinded him. The demon king Hiranyakashipu grew arrogant and considered himself a God and demanded everybody to worship only him. 

But his own son, Prahlad offering prayers to Lord Vishnu. Prahlad refused to worship him. To get rid of his son, the demon king Hiranyakashipu decided to give Prahlad cruelest punishment. The demon king Hiranyakashipu punished Prahlad in many ways to denounce Lord Vishnu. But the evil king Hiranyakashipu failed in all attempts.

And finally the evil king Hiranyakashipu asked his demoness sister Holika to take Prahlad in her lap and enter a blazing fire as Holika also had a boon to enter fire unscathed. But Prahlad was saved for his extreme devotion to Lord Vishnu and came out unharmed while Holika paid a price for her sinister desire.

Later Lord Vishnu came in the form of a Narasimha, an incarnation of Vishnu (who was half-man and half-lion) and killed the evil king Hiranyakashipu at dusk (which was neither day nor night) on the steps of the porch of his house (which was neither inside nor outside of the house) by restraining Hiranyakashipu on his lap (which was neither in the sky nor on the earth) and mauling him with his claws (which was neither astra (weapon) nor shastra).

The color powders of festival holi traditionally made of Neem, Kumkum, Haldi, Bilva, Beetroot, Mehendi, dried leaves of tea, gulmohur and some other medicinal herbs which are prescribed by Ä€yurvedic doctors. This natural color powders do not harm human body. This colors can be removed easily. But now a days artificial colors are easily available everywhere which are harmful for human body as well as very hard to remove them. This colors are glued with body's skin and later you face problems to remove them.

Enjoy holi well. Holi hai !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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