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How To Add / Play YouTube Playlist To Your Blog / Website

Embedding YouTube video or Playlist help readers to watch your YouTube videos directly from your blog / website. Readers no need to switch to YouTube to watch your videos. Embedding YouTube videos to your blog / website allows you to customize width and height by changing the default width and height of your YouTube videos. It means you can customize width and height according to yourself. You can customize according to your web space.

Adding YouTube playlist to your blog / website have two different parts. Once is YouTube and the another is Blog. At first you need to work on YouTube and then after you need to work on your Blog. To add / play YouTube playlist to your blog / website you need to follow the below steps. Let's go!

YouTube Part
Step 1. First you need to Login to your YouTube account. If you do not have a YouTube account then create using your valid email id.
Step 2. After Login to your YouTube account click your profile image or profile name which is located extremely…

Google Authorship For Blogger, WordPress and Website

Google has recently added a new feature to its search results and due to that some verified content creator's headshot and byline displayed along with their content links in the search results. This is all happens due to Google Authorship. Google Authorship is the new feature recently added to Google search results. Google Authorship helps to display headshot along with links of the content in the search results.

Why Google Authorship is Important
Google Authorship is important for many reasons. Firstly, it displays your image in the search results with the content links. Secondly, it draws attraction of searchers. Thirdly, displaying your image in the search results will increase the probability to be clicked on your link. Fourthly, it proves that you are a real content writer. Fifthly, it helps to get more visitors to your blog / website.

How to setup Google Authorship
Although it is not a tough process that you won't do it for your blog or website. To setup Google Authorshi…