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How To Remove / Delete Blogger Locked Gadget / Widget

You all know that Blogger is a flexible blogging platform where you can do things easily unlike WordPress. Unlike other blogging platform you can easily customize blogger templates according to yourself. You can easily edit any part of your blog if you have a little bit of HTML knowledge. You might seen blogger Navbar & Attribution which are locked by default.

Sometimes when you upload a custom template to your blogger blog to look your blog beautiful then some of the gadget will be locked if that template contain locked widget. You will see the locked gadget in the Layout which are not removable from the Layout. You can't remove / delete that gadget directly from Layout or from main page even after logging to your blogger account. 
There is only one option to remove / delete the locked gadget. You can only delete the locked gadget removing the codes from the template. Although removing those locked gadget is not difficult if you have a knowledge of web developing but newbies…

How To Remove White Background From An Image With Photoshop

Many times web developers and others need a transparent image to create suitable image for their blog / website. In many times they use an already created image. But problem appears when they put that image on a particular image and do not want the white background of that image. In that case they need to remove the white background from that image. 

There are many ways to remove white background from an image. You can use Magic Eraser Tool, Background Eraser Tool and Magic Wand Tool to remove white background. Both are nice tool to remove white background from an image.

If your image has a single background (say white color) then it is very very easy to remove the background from that image. Otherwise you need to do a little bit hard work to remove the background. In this post I will show you how to remove white background from an image.
Method 1: Using Lasso Tool

Lasso Tool is very much helpful if your image has multiple background colors. Using Lasso Tool, you can easily remove …

Google Redirects Picasa Web Albums To Google+ Photos

Another U turn from search engine giant Google. There have been plenty of changes occurred in the last few months in the associate product of the search engine giant Google. Google has rolled out wire transfer facility for Indian AdSense publishers recently in the last month. And now it redirects Picasa Web Albums to Google+ Photos. It means that Google will be no longer going to use this URL.

Picasa Web Albums is a nice and most popular photo directory among users. But now its hard to convince Picasa Web Albums users to switch over to Google+ Photos. Google Operating System blog has already published a post regarding redirection of Picasa Web Albums to Google+ Photos. Google Operating System had also displayed a URL which switch back to Picasa Web Albums.

Picasa Web Albums users need to enter that URL only once on the address bar. After that your redirection from Picasa Web Albums to Google+ Photos is turned off automatically. Go…

Online Shopping : Makes Purchasing Easy

Online shopping is nothing but to purchase products or services online on internet. There are various online shopping websites are on internet which offers for sale and that too at discounts. You can buy anything online like books, mobile handsets, electronic products, shoes, cameras, gift items, T-shirts and many more. You can also purchase your rail tickets, air tickets online with your credit card, debit card and net banking account.

If you don't know any name simply search on the Google and Google wills display numerous results relating to your search. The most popular online shopping sites are Amazon,eBay, Snapdeal, Flipkart etc. Amazon and eBay was launched in 1995 and 1996 respectively. Now a days some of them provides free shipping facility also. Online shopping sites are provide various payment options like credit card, debit card, net banking or even COD. Now a days you no need to have a credit card, debit card or net banking to purchase a product or services online.


How To Add Your Blogs / Business To Google Maps

This tutorial will be very much helpful for business person as well as bloggers those who want to list their business/blog on Google Maps. In this tutorial I will show you how you can add your business to Google Maps. Before proceeding to the main steps here I would like to give a brief intro of Google Places.

What is Google Place

Google Places are official places for business where companies are listed. You can also say Google Places are local listing of local business so that customers can easily find out desired business address, phone numbers on Google Maps. When local searches are conducted for a business, Google Places listing regarding that business should comes up first. Google Place if completely free for everyone.

Why Google Places

The main objective to add your business on Google Maps or Google Places for Business is that your blogs or businesses have the potential to appear high in the search results, even if your website doesn't show up in the regular search results.…

How To Divide / Split Blogger Header Into Two Parts

How about if your blog has an AdSense ad in the header section? Experts are always recommended an AdSense ad on the header section of your blogger blog. They also say that an AdSense ad on the header section always increase more revenue than other part of your blog. So it is highly recommended to have an AdSense ad on the header section. Don't worry! If you do not have an AdSense account then you can use other advertiser's code to display their ads on the header section.

By default a blogger header has only a single section that appears left side at the top of your blog. Normally header section contains blog title, logo and description of your blog. Most of the templates are designed and developed by different developers so the coding are different a little bit but the format is same for all templates. And this is the most important section where you need to concentrate a lot. Although default blogger header has only a single section but you can customize the header according…

9 Ways To Free Recharge Your Mobile Number Daily

Way2SMS is an online portal and world's largest messaging website based in Hyderabad, India. Way2SMS offers free and unlimited SMS across India funded by private advertisements. Way2SMSwas owned by Way2Online Interactive India Pvt Ltd. Way2SMS has users from across 160 countries.

I think many of you have Way2SMS account and mostly use Way2SMS  for sending free message to your friends, relative and co-workers. Except sending free message on Way2SMS, use Way2SMS for recharge your mobile number free also. Have you ever take this advantage of Way2SMS? Many of you don't know how to recharge your mobile number free with Way2SMS.
I have recharged my mobile regularly on Way2SMS. When I have told my friends regarding free recharge of my mobile number to my friends they only say, "you only tell us but never showed us how would you free recharge your mobile number on Way2SMS." Actually, I want to dedicate this blog post to my those friends who does not know how to free recharg…

How To Display Author's Profile Below Each Blog Post

As I have already told you that blogger is a flexible blogging platform where you can do things easily unlike WordPress and other blogging platforms. Unlike other blogging platform you can easily customize blogger templates according to yourself. If you have a little bit knowledge of HTML then you can easily edit any part of your blog. You can Add or Remove, Locked and Unlocked any widgets from your default template. In this tutorial, I will show you how to display your profile below each & every blog post.
Blogger's default template display only name of the blog author against Posted by. If you want to see the blog author's profile then you need to click on the name of blog author after that you will switch to author's profile. If you want to display your profile with your profile picture & profile description then you need to configure blog posts.
Adding author profile below each & every blog post gives an extra look to your blog. It also increase followers…

How To Check How Many Views Your Google+ Profile

There are many social networking sites like Google+, Facebook. But very less has this unique feature what Google + has. If I ask you, have you ever tried to check how many views your Google+ profile and how you can find this value? Many of you say don't know how to find it. This is not a hard tutorial. It is very very simple to find number of Google + profile views. There is a simple tricks.

I have tried to find my Facebook profile views but did not get the results. Because Facebook do not provide this feature. In this tutorial, I will show you this tips, how to find number of Google+ profile views. It is a four steps process. No need to do hard work for this. Just follow these three steps and gets number of your profile views. So lets start!
Step 1. First you need to login to your  your Google+ profile with your existing email address.

Step 2. Place mouse pointer on Home button located extremely left side of your profile. Once you place mouse pointer on Home button you will see …

How To Remove "Powered by Blogger" Attribution

Blogger is a flexible blogging platform where you can do things easily unlike WordPress and other blogging platforms. Unlike other blogging platform you can easily customize blogger templates according to yourself. If you have a little bit knowledge of HTML then you can easily edit any part of your blog. You can Locked and Unlocked, Add or Remove widgets from your defaults template. "Powered by Blogger" is an attribution and by default it is always display at the bottom of your page. In this tutorial, I will show you how to remove / hide "Powered by Blogger" attribution from your blog.


Always remember one thing. Before changing or doing anything with template or uploading a custom template, always take backup of your blog's template and your blog's data as well. It helps you to recover your blog data and template from an unexpected error.

Note : How To Download Blogger Template
Note : How To Download Blogger Data

Steps To Remove "Powered by …

Setting Up Google AdSense Electronic Funds Transfer Facility

Wait is Over! Finally, Google AdSense has made wire transfer facility available for every Indian publishers. This is a great days for Indian publishers. Publishers no need to wait for 20 - 30 days to receive their AdSense check and then 7 - 30 days to get clear their AdSense check. This is surely rejoice time for Indian publishers. Google is changing in Payments settings to improve the payment process for publishers from many days and this is the results of that changes. Before setting up Electronic Funds Transfer Facility in your AdSense page many of you eager to know about wire transfer facility.

What is Wire Transfer

A wire transfer is a method of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). It allows you to receive funds directly into your bank account. With the help of this facility Google sends your AdSense earnings either in U.S. dollars or Euros, depending on your account currency, via international wire transfer to the bank of your choice and you will get the money in the bank account y…