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Google Redirects Picasa Web Albums To Google+ Photos

Another U turn from search engine giant Google. There have been plenty of changes occurred in the last few months in the associate product of the search engine giant Google. Google has rolled out wire transfer facility for Indian AdSense publishers recently in the last month. And now it redirects Picasa Web Albums to Google+ Photos. It means that Google will be no longer going to use this URL.

Picasa Web Albums is a nice and most popular photo directory among users. But now its hard to convince Picasa Web Albums users to switch over to Google+ Photos. Google Operating System blog has already published a post regarding redirection of Picasa Web Albums to Google+ Photos. Google Operating System had also displayed a URL which switch back to Picasa Web Albums.

Picasa Web Albums users need to enter that URL only once on the address bar. After that your redirection from Picasa Web Albums to Google+ Photos is turned off automatically. Google may sets cookies to turned off the redirection. So that Picasa Web Albums users can still view their photos and remain with Picasa Web Albums.

One thing is clear that by doing this redirection of Picasa Web Albums to Google+ Photos, Google wants to make Google+ as the "new home" for photo albums and centralize their photo directory in one place. By doing this Google will get millions of new user for Google+ social network which increase the number of Google+ user and many more.

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