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Google Updates Specific Sitelink Search Box Inside Search Results

If you have noticed Google search engine, you will see this changes in the Google's search results. Google updates sitelink specific search box to make a site more prominent. From now users can search any website with the help of this sitelink search box. Read also : how to setup adsense page level ads.

What is Sitelink Search Box?

A sitelink search box is nothing but a Google search box inside a search results for a specific website. For example, when you search Wikipedia on Google search you will see a search box against the search results. This sitelink search box will make it easier for users to search for and reach specific content on your site directly from the Google search results page and through your own site-search pages. This sitelink search box will support auto-complete and if you use the right markup then user will directly switch to your website's own search pages. Read also : how to protect your computer from WannaCry ransomware virus.

I have searched Wikipedia on Google search and get the results with a specific sitelink search box that helps to search Wikipedia directly from the search results. See the below image for your clearance.

How To Get Sitelink Search Box

There is no specific instructions on Google's Developer page, how exactly to markup a site as instructed by Google.  If you want this sitelink search box and let Google to direct the users directly to your site’s search results page, you need to mark up your homepage as a entity with the potentialAction property of the markup.

You can markup this sitelink search box for your website in three different ways. You can use Microdata, RDFa or JSON-LD to display sitelink search box for your website.  You can markup the sitelink search box from Google's Developers Page also.

You may get error for displaying sitelink search box for your site. According to Google Developer, "The sitelinks search box appears only for navigational queries and when relevant for users. Google algorithms use a variety of factors to determine when the box appears, including the information on the site and different types of navigational queries from Search users". Read also : how to put AdSense ad below blogger post.

There is no specific instructions on Google Developer's page how exactly to markup a site as instructed by Google. If you have any experience of markup your blog then feel free to share your experience with me.