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How To Add YouTube Channel Videos To Blogger Dynamic Views Template

Blogger has many kind of free templates. Earlier blogger dynamic views template supports only defaults gadgets. But later it supports many gadgets. Blogger dynamic views template allows bloggers to add their YouTube channel to their blog.Adding YouTube channel to your blog help readers to watch your YouTube videos directly from your blog instead of leaving your blog. Readers do not need to switch to YouTube to watch your videos. You can easily customize the width and height of a video by changing its default value. It means you can customize the default width and height according to yourself as well as the web space available to your blog / website.
It is very easy to add your YouTube channel and display your YouTube video. To add your YouTube channel to your blog you need to follow the below few steps. Let's start from step 1.

Step 1. First you need to Login to your blogger account with your existing email id and password.
Step 2. After Login to blogger account click Layout

Step 3…