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How To Use Time Zone Converter In Google Search

Better late than never. Finally, Google adds most requested feature 'Time Zone Converter' to its search. From now users around the world can easily get the time of a particular area. But Google is not the first to offer this feature in search. Before Google, DuckDuckGo and Wolfram Alpha has offered this feature already. Happy to have this time conversion feature in Google search since most people around the globe use Google search to get their desired info.

Now the question is how to use this feature in Google Search? This very easy to use this feature in Google Search. Suppose to convert 12 am eastern time to ist (indian standard time), you need to type 12 am eastern time to ist in Google Search box and Google will show you the result. Here's, I place some example of time conversion that I have used in Google Search.

  • 10 am patna time in washington
  • 12 am eastern to ist
  • convert 11 am delhi time to dubai time

Instead of time zone converter you can use Google search to get the current time of any city. To get the current time in any city, you need to specify the city name instead of time zone in the Google Search box. For example,

  • current time in jeddah
  • Current time in New York
  • Current time in London

Once you type the above keyword, Google display the current time of Jeddah or the city you specify in the Google search box.

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