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How To Get Confirm YouTube Channel Subscription

I have already published a post how to Add YouTube Subscribe Widget To Your Blog & Website. And now today I going to teach you how to get confirm YouTube channel subscription link. Read also : How to create ghost buttons.

What is Confirm YouTube channel subscription link and how is it help? Confirm YouTube channel subscription is a link to your YouTube channel. When someone switch to your YouTube channel through this link, it will ask viewers to Subscribe  your channel before watching your YouTube videos. Confirm YouTube channel subscription link will help you to get confirm YouTube subscriber.

The main difference between YouTube Channel Subscription widget and Confirm YouTube channel subscription link is that you can't use Confirm YouTube channel subscription link as widget.

Below is the confirm YouTube channel subscription link

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Share Google Drive Files As Gmail Attachment

Google is continue updating its products so that users can easily integrate with them. This time Google march toward to better integrate Google Drive into Gmail. Now users can share their Google Drive's files and folders with friends and family as Gmail attachment instead of a link. There are many ways to share files and folder as Gmail attachment. You can directly send a files and folders as Gmail attachment or you can send it using Google Drive. Read also : How to resolve Gmail / PlayStore App login problem on Android Phone.

For example, if you have files and folders in your Google Drive and wish to send it to your friends and family use Insert files using Drives option in Gmail to share them as Gmail attachment. Otherwise you need to upload files and folders using Attach files option.

Earlier users were compelled to share to share Google Drive's files and folders as a link instead of attachment. But now can send them as Gmail attachment.

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Gmail Updates Right Click Menu To Archive / Delete Email

Google added a new feature Right Click Menu to its most popular email service Gmail. When I am checking my email, I have unfortunately spotted this new feature today and I wanted to share it with you. This new feature is nothing but right click menu. Right click menu has three new options namely Move to tab, Archive and Delete. Now with the help of this right click menu Gmail users can easily perform these three task. Although this is not a big changes but it is quite effective. Read also : How to resolve Gmail / PlayStore login problem in Android phone.

Move to tab option help you to move an email message from one tab to another i.e, Primary to Social, Promotion etc and vice versa. Now you do not have to drag an email message to move from tab to another. Read also : How to put AdSense ad below blogger post title.

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How To Check Who Tweeted First On Twitter

Many of you using the microblogging social networking site Twitter and tweeted self thoughts on daily basis. But have you ever thought who tweeted a tweet first?The microblogging social networking site Twitter was first launched in 2006 and from then Twitter has billions of tweets in its database. Twitter becomes more popular among celebrities rather than general people. Twitter has recently opened their time-sorted archives which makes possible for anyone to search its entire database. These tweets will be extremely helpful for research purpose. How to resolve Gmail / PlayStore login problem in Android phone

For example, if you want to know who tweeted iPhone, Smartphone, mobile etc. first on Twitter then you need to switched to Twitter's advanced search and then you need to provide various details on Twitter advanced search. It is very difficult and irritating process to search regarding a Twitter tweet. Read also : How to decorate text with shadow effects using CSS.

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How To Format USB / Hard Disk Drive as FAT32 / NTFS File System

Before going to create or format USBS / Hard Disk Drive as FAT or NTFS file system type, you must have some idea about FAT and NTFS. We all know that file systems are the important part of storage device whether it may be a Hard Disk drive or a USB device. Generally File Systems are created for keeping track of files in the storage device. Every storage device has mainly two types of file system. One is FAT and another is NTFS.

FAT (File Allocation Table) was created by Bill Gates and Marc McDonald in 1977 and since then it has undergone many changes and later it becomes FAT16, FAT32. The number 16 and 32 denotes the number of bits needed to keep track of the files. Maximum size of FAT partition is upto 2 TB and maximum file size is upto 4 GB. If you use linux operating system then FAT is better choice. Read also : How to put AdSense ad below blogger post title.

NTFS (New Technology File System) is a high-performance and self-healing file system which supports file-level security, co…