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Gmail Updates Right Click Menu To Archive / Delete Email

Google added a new feature Right Click Menu to its most popular email service Gmail. When I am checking my email, I have unfortunately spotted this new feature today and I wanted to share it with you. This new feature is nothing but right click menu. Right click menu has three new options namely Move to tab, Archive and Delete. Now with the help of this right click menu Gmail users can easily perform these three task. Although this is not a big changes but it is quite effective. Read also : How to resolve Gmail / PlayStore login problem in Android phone.

Move to tab option help you to move an email message from one tab to another i.e, Primary to Social, Promotion etc and vice versa. Now you do not have to drag an email message to move from tab to another. Read also : How to put AdSense ad below blogger post title.

As we all know, Archive option help you to archive an email message and Delete option help you to delete email message. Earlier if we have to delete an email message we have to perform three steps. But with the help of Right click menu you can delete any email message just one click.

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