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How To Get Confirm YouTube Channel Subscription

I have already published a post how to Add YouTube Subscribe Widget To Your Blog & Website. And now today I going to teach you how to get confirm YouTube channel subscription link. Read also : How to create ghost buttons.

What is Confirm YouTube channel subscription link and how is it help? Confirm YouTube channel subscription is a link to your YouTube channel. When someone switch to your YouTube channel through this link, it will ask viewers to Subscribe  your channel before watching your YouTube videos. Confirm YouTube channel subscription link will help you to get confirm YouTube subscriber.

The main difference between YouTube Channel Subscription widget and Confirm YouTube channel subscription link is that you can't use Confirm YouTube channel subscription link as widget.

Below is the confirm YouTube channel subscription link

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In the above link code you just need to replace YouTubeChannelUsername with your own YouTube username. This is the best way to get confirm YouTube subscriber.

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  1. I can understand the sticking of a confirm channel subscription within the video to help increase subscribers, provided one is not already subscribed. Otherwise, why add more crap that interviews with viewing the video? When I watch a video the less in annoying pop-ups and advertisements and overlays the better. It is easy to subscribe if I want to, so this form of advertising one's channel seems a little self-defeating unless it would at least go away once one has subscribed.


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