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Share Google Drive Files As Gmail Attachment

Google is continue updating its products so that users can easily integrate with them. This time Google march toward to better integrate Google Drive into Gmail. Now users can share their Google Drive's files and folders with friends and family as Gmail attachment instead of a link. There are many ways to share files and folder as Gmail attachment. You can directly send a files and folders as Gmail attachment or you can send it using Google Drive. Read also : How to resolve Gmail / PlayStore App login problem on Android Phone.

For example, if you have files and folders in your Google Drive and wish to send it to your friends and family use Insert files using Drives option in Gmail to share them as Gmail attachment. Otherwise you need to upload files and folders using Attach files option.

Earlier users were compelled to share to share Google Drive's files and folders as a link instead of attachment. But now can send them as Gmail attachment.

Sharing Drive Files As Gmail Attachment

To share Google Drive files and folders as Gmail attachment you need to perform the following steps.

Step 1. Login to Gmail

Step 2. Click Compose

Step 3. Click Insert files using Drives

Step 4. Select the desired file from Google Drive and then click Insert.

Step 5. Now you can see that file as Gmail attachment instead of link. Now click Send button to send this file as Gmail attachment

But there is a problem sharing files and folders using Google Drive. If you accidentally delete that files and folders from your Google Drive then your recipients would no longer have access to that files and folders. Read also : How to put AdSense ad below post title.

Sharing Drive Files As Link

User can also share their Drive's files and folders as link with some restriction. To share a file and folder as link you need to do the following few steps.

Step 1. Login to Google Drive

Step 2. After that select any file / folder and click Share icon.

Step 3. After that you need to enter the recipient's email address. If you wish you can change the restrictions (can edit, can comment, can view) also. Read also : How to decorate text with shadow effects using CSS.

Although it is a good news to all. Now users can send more than 25 MB files using Google Drive. Earlier Gmail did not allow users to send files which was more than 25 MB.

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