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Convert Photos Into Cartoon and Sketch Images in Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone

You may noticed many profile with cartoon or sketch image on social media instead of real image. This is very much helpful for people, who try to hide themselves on social media and remain open through his post. If you are not comfortable to use your real image then why not try to use your cartoon / sketch image. This cartoon may not resemble you exactly but can represent you at least. Cartoon / sketch yourself is really fun and makes you smile.

As much I have remembered, it was in 2002 when I have used my avatar first time on Yahoo. That was an awesome experience. I can't express what I feel that time. I was just shocked, how could it be happen. I didn't know how many tools available that time to convert photo into cartoon / avatar.

There are several photo editing tools available which can convert your photo into cartoon and sketch images. But I have found XnSketch is best among them because of its compatibility with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone. In this post, I wil…

Join GoDaddy Affiliate Program And Make Money

GoDaddy is one of the most popular brand name in the world in the market of domain and web hosting. GoDaddy invites blogger / website owner to join their big fat paying affiliate program. This is the core reason to become most popular among affiliate marketer. Read also   How to Make Money From BigRock Affiliate Program

GoDaddy introduced a new affiliate program called GoDaddy Direct Affiliate Program on 25 Feb, 2010, which gives affiliates a chance to earn 20 percent commissions for referring others to GoDaddy. And later this direct affiliate program has been stopped  on 30th April 2014. After that they had announced that GoDaddy affiliate program will continue with partner affiliate networks Commission Junction, ShareASale and TradeDoubler. Read also  How To Make Money From HostGator Affiliate Program

In this post, I will show you how to become a GoDaddy affiliate and earn money without purchasing anything from GoDaddy. As we all know that GoDaddy has stopped its direct affiliate pro…

How to Resolve Gmail / Play Store / YouTube App Sign Problem on Smartphone

Generally, if you have entered wrong username or password then you may faced problem logging into Google, Gmail, Google Play, Yahoo and other accounts. And when it happens you can easily overcome this problem taking help of Google, Gmail, Google Play, Yahoo or the concern service's help. But what happen when you are certain about your username and password. Read also : How to protect your computer from WannaCry ransomware virus.

I always used Opera Mini, Chrome or UC browser to login to my Gmail, Yahoo and other accounts not only on desktop but also on my smartphone. I am not a great fan of Play Store / Google Play. If I have to download any app I use 9apps rather than Play Store.

One day I have come to know this problem when my wife try to login to Play Store app on her smartphone. She failed every time even she was certain about her username and password. She challenged me that if I could login to Play Store app with her username and password on her smartphone, she will reward …

How To Get Airtel 3G Dongle SIM Number

What about if you forget your Airtel 3G dongle's SIM number? How do you get the SIM card number. Those who do not know this tips he/she may use the SIM card on their mobile phone and dial *121*9# or *282# to get the number. To do so you need to remove the SIM from the dongle and again need to insert on another phone. This process is very much irritating. Read also : How to protect your computer from WannaCry ransomware virus..

What about if you get better tricks to get the SIM number without removing the SIM from the dongle. In this post you will learn how to find Airtel 3G dongle's SIM number without removing the SIM from the dongle.

Steps to get the SIM number from 3G Dongle

Step 1. At first you just need to insert the dongle to the USB port of your laptop or desktop computer. Once Airtel connection manager window opens, click check usage. Follow the below image.

Step 2. After that you need to enter the command code *282# space provided to enter the command. You can also sel…

How To Create Ghost Button or Hollow Button

Creating smart button for a website becomes most popular web design trend now a days. These buttons are so designed that it is referred as Ghost Button or Hollow Button because of their transparent and emptiness. Read also : How to protect your computer from wannaCry ransomware virus.

What is Ghost Button

Ghost buttons are the transparent and empty buttons as well as clickable items with no fill and a simple outline that have some basic shape form such as rectangular or square. These buttons are sometimes referred as Hollow buttons because of its emptiness. Generally these buttons are bordered by very thin line and internal section consist of plain text printed in light colour mostly black / white.

Ghost buttons are semi transparent or completely transparent asides from the outline and text and hence the name “ghost" comes. Ghost buttons are quite popular on pages that use full-screen photography and it seemed to evolve from Apple when they redesigned iOS7. Read also : How to ma…