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How to Resolve Gmail / Play Store / YouTube App Sign Problem on Smartphone

Generally, if you have entered wrong username or password then you may faced problem logging into Google, Gmail, Google Play, Yahoo and other accounts. And when it happens you can easily overcome this problem taking help of Google, Gmail, Google Play, Yahoo or the concern service's help. But what happen when you are certain about your username and password. Read also : How to protect your computer from WannaCry ransomware virus.

I always used Opera Mini, Chrome or UC browser to login to my Gmail, Yahoo and other accounts not only on desktop but also on my smartphone. I am not a great fan of Play Store / Google Play. If I have to download any app I use 9apps rather than Play Store.

One day I have come to know this problem when my wife try to login to Play Store app on her smartphone. She failed every time even she was certain about her username and password. She challenged me that if I could login to Play Store app with her username and password on her smartphone, she will reward me.

I accepted the challenge and tried several times but failed. I also tried to login to her Gmail account from Gmail app on her smartphone but every time got the same error "Could't sign in".

I Just then tried Opera Mini and UC browser to login to her Gmail account and this time I can easily login to her Gmail account. Her account was protected by 2-step verification. I understand that due to enable of 2-step verification, she could not able to login to her Play Store / Gmail app. I just then decide to disable the 2-step verification. Here is how to disable 2-step verification?

Disable 2-steps Verification

To disable the 2 step verification at first I need to login to her Gmail account and then perform the following below steps.

Step 1. After login to Gmail account, click gear icon i.e, Settings icon and then click Setting.

Step 2. Now click Accounts and Import and then Other Google Account settings.

Step 3. After that you will switch to the My Account section. Now click Signing into Google under Sign-in & security.

Step 4. After that click 2-step Verification. Now enter your account password to login again.

Step 5. After login, click Turn off button.

Step 6. Once you click Turn off, a POP up window opens. Now deselect the checkbox Also clear my 2-step verification settings and then click Turn off.

After disable of 2-step verification, I ask her to login to the Play Store / Gmail app in her smartphone. After entering username and password, she was successfully logged in to the Play Store / Gmail / YouTube apps.

If you face problem in logging in to your Play Store / Gmail / YouTube apps, at first disable the 2-step verification then try to login Play Store / Gmail / YouTube apps.

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