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How to Save YouTube Videos to Google Drive with Original Resolution

We all know that in human mind a video creates more impact than contents. So most of the bloggers create How-to guide videos and used YouTube and other video hosting platforms to publish their videos to get wider audience. You can bundle all your YouTube videos as an iTunes podcast so that people can download and watch them offline.

Backup of your original videos help you to upload in different hosting platforms like Vimeo, Facebook, Google+, Myspace etc. with original resolution. But the important point is, if you don't have backup of your original videos then how could you get all of your videos from YouTube in the original format with original resolution. When you are on your YouTube's dashboard you will see YouTube has only MP4 format download option. You can't get back all your YouTube videos in the original format with original resolution directly from YouTube dashboard.

To get all your YouTube videos in original format with original resolution you need to follow …