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How To Remove Copied Contents on Smart Phone / Android Device

We all know that UC browser is the fast and most used mobile browser in the world. Almost every mobile user used UC browser to surf internet or doing social networking. Do you know why most people use UC browser rather than other browser. I think, the perfect answer may be its compatibility feature in all kind of mobile phones. Read also : How to transfer large files without mobile data.

UC browser has lots of feature comparing to other mobile browsers. Among them, Set as Default Browser, Auto Save Form, Change Download Path, Auto Reconnect, Clipboard and many more. Lots of browser does not have many of this feature.

Let's come to the main point. We all know that what ever we copy in the computer, all the copied items are stored in the clipboard. Similarly, what ever you copy in android device or other device, all the copied items are stored in the Clipboard.  But I have noticed that Clipboard option is not available in Chrome, Opera Mini or any other application. Read also : How to make money online from home.

Now the question is, if the Clipboard option is not available in Chrome, Opera Mini or any other application then how could you remove unwanted copied items from Clipboard. Don't worry there is another application which let's you know to remove unwanted copied items from clipboard. Do you have any idea? I have given clues already. Don't worry! I will let you know the application. Just hold your heart. Its your favorite UC browser. Yes, its none other than UC browser. Read also : How to remove PDF password.

Steps to Remove Unwanted Copied Items

Its an interesting fact that only UC browser has this option rather than Chrome, Opera Mini and other applications. To remove the unwanted copied items you just need to perform the below three steps. Let's start.

Step 1.

At first open UC browser in your android device and click Search or click Enter URL and then keep press your finger point anywhere, where the text can be inserted. You will get different options depending upon the application, selection and non selection of a text. You will see options like Copy, Paste, Paste and Search, Clipboard, Select, Select All and Input Method. Once you get options click on Clipboard. Read also : How to add Facebook comment plugin to blogger.

Suppose you have opened your Facebook account and when you press for a while in the area where you type your status then you will get different options. If you had type something and then keep press for a certain while by selecting that text you will get different options. Read also : How to setup AdSense page level ads.

Step 2.

Once you click Clipboard, you will see all the copied contents. Now you need to click on the settings icon which looks like a wrench and located extremely left near Clipboard.

Step 3.

Now you are eligible to edit and remove the copied items from the list. If you wish to remove all the copied items then click Clear button otherwise you need to remove manually one by one.

To edit the copied text just click on the desired text and do the needful. To remove the unwanted copied items keep press your finger point for a certain while on the desired text and then click Delete. Once you click Delete, text will be removed from the list immediately. Read also : How to track lost/stolen mobile phone and erase data remotely.

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That's it! Have you ever tried it ? If not, then try it now. Do you have any other options? If yes, then feel free to share your thoughts with us through the comment section. Thanks for reading the post. Share the post and your views on the same.