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Blogger's Automated System Deleted and Reinstated After Complaining

I had experienced an unexpected problem with the Blogger's automated system yesterday i.e, 15th July when one of my blog was deleted by blogger. I did not login or post anything to one of my blog Rafipedia from long time. But when I had just enter into this blog for testing some codes, I have got an email from blogger that your blog deleted from blogger due to violation of blogger's Terms of Service. Below image is the email that I have got from blogger yesterday.

Since I did not post anything on this blog from long time and this blog remain live from many years so how could it violate the blogger's terms of service. I just then Appeal for review the blog. After that I have got an email from blogger today that your blog has been reinstated.Below image is the email that blogger send to me today. Read also : How to create custom AdSense Search Engine and Make Money from it.

There is clear message from this incident that blogger automated system can delete any blog at any time even if that blog does not violate blogger's terms of service. So, one thing is clear that you need to keep backup of your blogger blog so that your hard work don't go waste.

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