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How To Remove A Member From WhatsApp Group

We all know that WhatsApp is the most popular messaging service for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and for other platforms. In this post, I will show you how to remove people from an existing WhatsApp group. To remove people from an existing WhatsApp group, you must be a group admin and your device must have internet connection. After that you need to follow the below steps.

Step 1. Open WhatsApp application on your smartphone.

Step 2. After that you need to click CHATS tab and click on your group name.

Step 3. Once you click on your group name, you will able to see chat details. Now you need to click vertical dots located extremely top right corner and then click Group info.

Step 4. Once you click Group info, you will see all the group members. Now you can easily remove any members from your group. To remove any member, just click on member's name and then clname, you see various options like Message X, Call X, View X, Remove X from group and make X group admin. Just select Remove X from group and then click OK.

Step 5. After that click OK. Once you click OK, that group member will removed from the group. In this way you can remove participants from a WhatsApp.

That's it!