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Redirect Blogger Sub Domain To BigRock .com, .net Domain

a .Com, .Net, .In etc. domains are more frequently appeared in the search engines rather than a sub-domain. To attract customers or to get more organic traffic you must have to redirect your blogger sub-domain to custom domain i.e, .Com, .Net, .In etc. If you have purchased a domain on BigRock then this tutorial help you to redirect your blogger sub-domain to BigRock's .com, .net, .in etc. domain. This is basically two steps process. Read also : How to protect your computer from WannaCry ransomware virus.

1. Collecting CNAMEs from blogger blog
2. DNS Management at BigRock

To redirect your sub-domain from blogger to BigRock's custom domain i.e, .com, .net domain you need to perform the following steps:-

Collecting CNAMEs from Blogger

Step 1. First login to your blogger account and clik Settings tab.

Step 2. Under Settings tab, click Basic.

Step 3. In the Publishing section, click Edit. Enter your domain name for example below Advanced setting. Here you need to note down both the CNAME i.e, www and and the second CNAME which locate just below  www and

DNS Management at BigRock

Once you have got the CNAMEs of your blogger blog switch to BigRock and login with your existing email address and password. After that click on your domain name for example and then scroll down to DNS Management. Read also : How to remove password from PDF file.

Under DNS Management, click Manage DNS. Now you need to add some records like IPs and CNAMES (that you have got from blogger) in management record. Under A Records tab, click Add A Record to add IPs. Now you need to add four IPs in the Destination IPv4 Address row and leave Host Name row blank. The four IPs are

Now click CNAME Records tab and then Add CNAME Record.  Enter www in the Host Name and then select second radio button against Value and then enter and then click Add CNAME Record.

Now you need to add the second Host name and Value. To add second Host Name and Value, again click Add CNAME Record. Now you need to enter s5xrses3wmek in the Host Name  and then select the second radio button of Value and then enter and then click Add CNAME Record.

The new DNS settings take 10-20 minutes propagation time for DNS service to be working. Once your DNS service start working you will able to see your site live.