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How To Create Direct Download Link To Google Drive Files

As we all know that Google drive is file storage service provided by Google. Google drive allows you to store your file and folders in the Google drive storage. If you have installed Google drive software then it synchronize all the files and folders that you have kept inside Google drive directory and upload it to Google drive storage automatically. It synchronizes only when your computer has internet connection. Read also : How to fix HTTP and HTTPS mixed content error.

Google drive also allows you to create, edit documents, spreadsheet, presentation, Forms etc. It allows you to share all your files and folders with selected people or  any one on the web via a link. Its an amazing tools developed by Google. Read also : How to find AdSense high paying long tail keywords.

Now lets come to the main point. When ever you wish to share any Google drive files with your friends or the public, Google drive allows you to share that file via a link. You can easily share your files on Google drive with that link. Read also : How to make Money Online from Home.

But the question arise here, if you want to share your files on your blog then how could you create direct download link for your files so that anyone can download your files directly from your blog without moving to Google drive. If you do not create direct download link then when ever a user click on your link, he/she will only view the files on Google drive. It will irritate every one to view only the files on Google drive. So that's why the topic arrives. Read also : How lock / track lost mobile phone and erase data remotely.

Default Format of Google drive file sharing link

For a file that you have created  on Google drive

For a document,

In the above link File-id is the id of your Google drive file.

For a spreadsheet,

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For a presentation,

For a drawing,

For a file that you have uploaded on Google drive

Direct Download Link Format

Now to create direct download link for any Google drive file, the format is

You need to replace the file-id from the above link with your Google drive file id. is common for all Google drive file sharing link and then you need to add uc?export=download&id= and then the file id. Read also : How to make Money from Google Apps

That means  uc?export=download&id= extra code is only required to create direct download link for any Google drive file.

This is a very simple tweak to generate direct download link for any Google drive file. No matter in what format your file is, the above format works. Read also : How to create custom AdSense Search Engine and Make Money from it.

If you still feel the above format tough then simply visit  Google Drive Direct Link Generator and paste the sharing link of your Google drive file in the Enter your sharing url box and then click Create Direct Link. The direct download link will be displayed in the Output link box. Read also : How to Setup AdSense Page Level Ads and Fix Script Error

That's it! Thanks for reading the post. Let me know whether you have experienced this tricks. If not, then try now it works for all format. Also let others to experience this tricks by sharing this post on your social networks.