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How To Edit / Delete Scheduled Task in Windows Computer

Scheduling task is a very nice feature for the users those who want to start any program / task automatically on their windows computer. Your computer will start any scheduled task automatically on time, even you are far from your computer. But for this CPU and monitor must getting power. When ever you wish to edit / delete a scheduled task you can do it easily. To edit/delete a scheduled task in windows 7 computer just perform the following steps. Read also : How to submit Blogger Sitemap to search engines.

Steps to Edit/Delete Scheduled Task

Step 1. At first click windows start button and then type task scheduler in the search programs and files search box and then hit enter on the keyboard to open the programs. Read also : How to fix HTTP and HTTPS Mixed Content Errors.

Step 2. After that click Task Scheduler Library.

Step 3. Now find the task that you had created. To delete the task directly from this page, select the task first and click Delete and then click OK in the pop-up window. Read also : How to make Money Online from Home.

Step 4. After finding the task, double click on it and then click Triggers tab to edit or delete the task. To delete the task just click Delete button. To edit the task click Edit button. Read also : How lock / track lost mobile phone and erase data remotely.

Step 5. Now  change the start date and time according to your choice and then click OK twice. You can also set the expiry date and time for each scheduled task. To give expiry date and time just click checkbox Expire  and then set the expiry date and time and then click OK. Read also : How to Setup AdSense Page Level Ads and Fix Script Error.

In this way you can edit/delete a scheduled task in windows computer. Thanks for reading the post. Also let others to experience this beautiful post by sharing on your social networks and also share your valuable comments.