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Schedule Your Windows Computer to Shut Down Automatically

If you are a busy person or often forget to shut down your computer then this tutorial will give you relief from this bad habit. You do not need to worry about it. Scheduling a task allows your computer to start that program automatically on the scheduled time. No matter where you are, your computer will start the scheduled task on time. Read also : How to fix HTTP and HTTPS Mixed Content Errors.

Once you scheduled a task to shut down your computer you do not need to shut down your computer manually. Your computer will shut down automatically on the scheduled time. And it can save both time and money. If you had never used this feature on your windows computer then try now. Just perform the below steps and stay away tension free. Read full tutorial How to Get Google AdSense Account Approved.

Steps to Schedule Turns Off Your Computer

Step 1. At first click windows start button and then type task scheduler in the search programs and files search box and then hit enter on the keyboard to open the programs.

Step 2. On the Task Scheduler window, click Create Basic Task... 

Step 3In the Create Basic Task Wizard window, at first type the task name for example Shutdown My PC and then click Next. Read also : How to make money from Home.

Step 4. On the trigger tab, choose the desired time to start task. You may choose Daily, Weekly, Monthly as per your choice and then click Next.

Step 5. After that set the desired date and time to start your task and then click Next twice.

Step 6. Now type C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe or click  Browse and find shutdown.exe and click Open. After that click Next. Read also : How to Setup AdSense Page Level Ads and Fix Script Error.

Step 7. Now again click Finish to finish the setup.

That's it! Now your Windows computer will automatically shutdown at the same time every day / night. When ever you wish, you can edit or delete the scheduled task.  Thanks for reading the post. Also let others to experience this beautiful post by sharing on your social networks and also share your valuable comments.