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How To Embed Facebook Post To Website / Blog

Facebook has many innovative new features and one of them is "Embed". Embed allows you to use any Facebook post or comment on your website or blog. No matter whether it is a photo, video or any regular status updates. Similarly, you can embed your own Facebook posts as well as comments to your website. You can easily change the default width and height as per your requirement.

How to Embed Facebook Post

Step 1. At first login to your Facebook account and find the post that you want to embed.

Step 2. Now hover your mouse pointer to the right corner of that post where you see a gray arrow. Now click on that arrow and select "Embed". See the below image where I am embed a post of I Am Proud To Be An Indian facebook page.

Step 3. Now copy the code. You can change the default width and height of the code according to you.

Step 4. Now switch to your website / blog. Open source code and paste the code at appropriate position. You can publish the code in a new post or as  widget also.

Now your readers can like, comment and share the post right from your website or blog.

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