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How To Enable HTTPS For Blogger Blog

Google had enabled HTTPS feature for all blogs hosted on This feature is currently available only for sub-domain not for blogs redirected to any custom domain. Google will soon release this feature for custom domain also. By enabling HTTPS, you will gives an extra security layer for your blogspot blog.

What is  HTTPS

HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure and is the secure version of HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol). HTTPS encrypt all communication between your browser and the website that you are connected using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Read also How to setup AdSense Page Level Ads.

Benefit of HTTPS

There are more benefits of enabling HTTPS for your blog. Few of them are

1. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protects your blog from hackers.
2. SSL makes your blog faster and secured.
3. Improves blog ranking in Google and other search engines.
4. Blog looks more professional.
5. Blog earns trust of visitors.
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Best Free Screen Recording Software for Windows

A screen recording software has many useful applications like making tutorials, demonstration of a software or creating a walkthrough for a video game and many more. These videos can be later uploaded to YouTube and other social networking platforms for making money. A screen recording software is the best substitute of a video camera.

Using screen recording software you can capture and record whole screen of your computer and record your voice via microphone also. In this post, I going to share 5 best screen recording software that might helps you a lot. Read full tutorial How to convert photo into cartoon and sketch image.

1. Ezvid (

Ezvid is simple to use and it is the best solution for making videos which entertain, inform, and enchant your viewers. You can record screen and edit video with the built-in editor. Ezvid includes various features like splitting recordings, adding text between clips, making slideshow with extra effects and many more.

2. CamStudio (…