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How To Block TCP and UDP Port in Windows Computer

Blocking TCP Port 139 and 445 and UDP Port 137 and 138 could also help you to stop WannaCry to infect your computer. To disable TCP Port 139 and 445 and UDP Port 137 and 138 do the below steps. Read also : how to protect your computer from WannaCry ransomware virus.

Steps to Block TCP Port 139 and 445 and and UDP Port 137 and 138 for Extra Security

Step 1. click Start button and type firewall.cpl in the search programs and files.

Step 2. Right click on firewall.cpl and select Run as Administrator

Step 3. After that click Advanced Settings 

Step 4. Now select Inbound Rule.. in the left side pane and then click New Rule in the right side pane.

Step 5. Now click Port and then click Next

Step 6. Choose either TCP or UDP and then enter the port number in the against Specific local ports and then click Next. For TCP enter port number 139 and 445 and for UDP enter port number 137 and 138. Read also : How to decorate text with shadow effects.

Step 7. Now click Block the connection and then click Next twice

Step 8. Finally, type the name and then click Finish.